Summer'17 Digital Painting

A sample of digital art from Summer-2017 that I worked on.

Summer'17 Digital Painting
A tiled image painted with Procreate for iPad

I like to spend time being creative. In this short post, I share some illustrations I worked on this summer.

Upside Out, Inside Down

Mirror image painted with Procreate for iPad

Space Balls

A scene in which a bi-ped moves a giant sphere on a bridge painted with Procreate for iPad

Three-Color Study

A study of silhouettes painted with 3 colors using Procreate for iPad

All of these were drawn or painted on an iPad using Procreate.

I don't get any benefit from recommending the software. I'm just always really impressed with the iPad version of this program and happy to let others know that it exists. (Rasterized images only, no vector support.)